Counterweight Programmes are evidence-based solutions for weight management delivered in Ireland by Dieticians. Counterweight research began in 2000 involving collaboration between seven UK Universities. The Robert Gordon University operated and developed the programme for over 12 years and the research led to the refinement and delivery of the programmes in the National Health Service in Scotland and England. Seventeen private dieticians and three private hospitals are using the programmes in Ireland .

The Counterweight Programme:

  • Proven to achieve medically significant 5-10% weight loss and maintenance at 12 months
  • It is a structured weight management solution delivered over a 12-month period which includes 9 appointments with a Dietitian and does not require the purchase of special products or food
  • Cost €575* for one to one appointments or €375* in a group delivery.

Counterweight Plus:

  • A non surgical weight management solution for individuals with greater weight loss need, i.e. greater than 15kg for individuals with a BMI >30 kg/m*
  • This programme involves a total diet replacement phase over 12 weeks, followed by stepped, structured food reintroduction and then a weight maintenance phase over 12-months.
  • Weight loss of >15 kg or 15% has been shown to contribute to normailsing blood Glucose and Insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes. (JAMA 2008; 299 316-323)
  • Cost €2,200* for 12 weeks of Total Diet replacement supplies and 20 appointments with a Dietitian over one year.

Counterweight Families:

  • A Structured one year solution for adults and children delivered over 12-months
  • 10 appointments over one year with an experienced Dietitian helps the family bring about changes for life.
  • Cost €895* for a minimum of one adult and one child, ideally the whole family partakes.

*Health Insurance companies offer various levels of cover for Dietetic consultations, please consult your provider or contact us with your policy details and we can advise on the rebate available to you.